The Spicoli Project is My name is Michel Cormier and i am a musician and composer from Montreal, Quebec.

I started playing the guitar in 1980 at the age of 13 and formed my first band in 1983 around the time when the Jupiter-8 and the DX7 started becoming household names.

Always fascinated by MIDI, drum machines and sequencers, i taught myself to play the keyboard on the DX7's little brother, the DX21 and started to explore the realm of synth-pop and new wave even though i was primarily a metal head.

And you know what? I still listen to Depeche Mode, The Fixx and Real Life today while a lot of the metal bands i used to listen to have fallen to the wayside.

About the  name of the project? Well, those of you who know about 80s culture will know what or who inspired it.